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When you're freezing your eggs, it can feel like you're navigating a maze of unfamiliar terms and unfamiliar people. Who are all these people? What do they do? And when should you see them? 

Here, we'll break down the different members of your fertility team and what services they provide, to help you understand who you'll be working with on your egg freezing journey.

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

For some, the dialogue about fertility begins with a conversation with their Primary Care Physician (PCP). This medical generalist can provide an overview of the fertility landscape and may guide you towards specialized care if your situation calls for it.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN)

As a specialist in women's reproductive health, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN) can offer nuanced insight into fertility and hormonal health. Although not directly involved in the egg freezing process, their counsel is often a valuable stepping stone to more specialized care.

Reproductive Endocrinologist (REI)

An OBGYN with additional training in reproductive endocrinology, your REI is the main person overseeing your egg freezing journey. Specializing in the hormonal and medical intricacies of fertility, they oversee and perform the egg retrieval process. Many people start their egg freezing/donation journeys with an REI consultation. 

Nurse Coordinator

An RN serving as a lynchpin in patient care, the Nurse Coordinator organizes patient education, scheduling, and medication management. Their role varies by clinic but invariably serves to harmonize the efforts of the entire fertility team.


The Embryologist also works at the fertility clinic and is the scientist who helps fertilize and grow your embryos! They are in charge of making sure your eggs get safely frozen. 

Egg Freezing Agency, such as Cofertility

For those seeking an additional layer of service and support, Cofertility helps streamline your journey. We help you find a clinic, connect with others freezing their eggs at the same time, and fill the gaps not covered by a standard fertility clinic.

Financial Counselor

Navigating the costs of egg freezing can be daunting. A Financial Counselor specializes in demystifying this aspect, helping you explore insurance coverage and financing options.

Fertility Courier

Responsible for the logistical challenge of safely transporting your frozen eggs, the Fertility Courier is a specialized service provider you may never meet but will trust implicitly.

Cryostorage Facility

A cryostorage facility serves as the vault for your frozen tissue. Specializing in the preservation of biological material, these facilities are where your eggs will reside until you decide to use them. We have a partnership with TMRW where we have negotiated discounted rates for our members. 

Genetic counselor

Being a carrier doesn't mean you have the condition, but it can still be concerning when your genetic testing reveals you have a genetic predispositions to certain conditions. Your genetic counselor helps you understand the implications of your carrier status. They can explain the risks, potential impacts on future children, and provide guidance on family planning.

Third-party reproductive (TPR) care coordinator

A clinic employee who works in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and reproductive medicine. Their primary role is to facilitate and coordinate various aspects of third-party reproduction, which involves using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos, as well as gestational surrogacy.

If you participate in our Split program, there are even more people you will work with along the way 

Our Split program offers women a chance to freeze their eggs for free when donating half of the eggs retrieved to a family who cannot otherwise conceive. If you qualify for the program and decide to donate half of your retrieved eggs, every expense associated with the egg freezing procedure —  medications, supplements, travel if necessary, insurance, and 10 years of storage — are completely free of charge. We don’t even need a payment or credit card up front, as the family you match with covers all the expenses.

Member Advocate 

At Cofertility, the Member Advocate serves as your personalized concierge, easing communication among all the parties above and ensuring a smooth journey  from start to finish. A Member Advocate plays a crucial role in supporting you through the complex and highly regulated process of egg freezing and donation, helping you navigate the medical, emotional, and logistical aspects of preserving your fertility with compassion, evidence-based research and trustworthy guidance.

Fertility Psychologist 

Emotional support is invaluable. We have a Fertility Psychologist on our team to support the psychological and emotional aspects of your journey, offering screening and therapeutic support.

Third-party Reproduction Lawyer

When you match with a family, you will work with a Fertility Lawyer to ensure that all agreements, from donor agreements to future use contracts, are conducted within the bounds of the law. We can help you find a lawyer with expertise in this space, which is entirely free to you. 

It's important to note that not everyone needs the same team or the same services. Your path will be as unique as you are; tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Never hesitate to ask questions or advocate for yourself; after all, this is your journey, and you deserve a team that not only supports but champions your reproductive goals. The most important person on your fertility team is you

At Cofertility, we have a preferred network of partners across the country that can help with every aspect of your egg donation journey, from the legal contracts to the embryo storage. While reading this list can feel overwhelming, if you work with us, know that we can handle most every interaction.