At Cofertility, our mission is to make egg freezing and third-party reproduction more accessible, transparent, and human-centered. And while it’s too often overlooked, we firmly believe that this mission must extend to frozen egg and embryo storage. 

We’re proud to partner with TMRW Life Sciences, a fertility technology company automating the IVF lab, with the world's first automated solution for storing and managing frozen eggs and embryos.

A new standard in frozen egg storage

To date, frozen eggs and embryos have been stored in liquid nitrogen tanks. These tanks often sit in the back of a supply closet or in a basement storage facility and are manually maintained by lab staff. Despite everyone’s best intentions and without any alternative storage options, manual processes can leave the door open to errors like specimen mix-ups or accidental thawing. 

What’s more, patients rarely have visibility into what storage entails where frozen specimens are physically stored after their retrieval. You have the power to ask.

TMRW's ground-breaking automated technology platform digitally identifies, tracks, monitors and stores patients' frozen eggs and embryos with safety, accuracy, efficiency and transparency. TMRW's platform sets a new standard of care by reducing potential points of failure by 94% compared with manual systems.

So what is TMRW doing differently? 

  • Digital labeling - instead of handwritten labels, TMRW uses digital labeling and RFID tracking. With this tracking system, clinics always know exactly where your eggs and embryos are and can easily find them when you’re ready to use them.
  • Automated management - instead of relying on manual processes, TMRW has a new fully-automated digital storage system that helps eliminate 94% of potential failure points
  • Real-time inventory - TMRW has gone the extra mile by creating a 24/7 cloud-based monitoring system with real-time inventory updates to provide new levels of safety, transparency, and peace of mind. 
  • Active monitoring - TMRW provides 24/7 digital monitoring (thousands of daily checks!) and expert human oversight to identify potential issues before they become a problem.

Benefits to Cofertility members

As part of our partnership, TMRW offers all Cofertility members access to preferred rates at their biorepository facility. After the journey you’ve been through — whether egg freezing or embryo creation — we think you deserve peace of mind at a more reasonable cost. 

For Freeze by Co members:

Both our Split and Keep members can take advantage of TMRW’s next generation frozen egg storage. 

As part of our Split program, the intended parents who you match with will sponsor 10 years of storage through TMRW. If you’re in the Split program, you don’t need to do anything in order to take advantage of this partnership. In the days leading up to your retrieval, we’ll talk you through the details and make sure the clinic has everything they need to facilitate the shipment. 

If, after those ten years, you want to re-up your storage you’re welcome to do so and will start to pay out of pocket at that point. If at any point you are ready to move your eggs out of storage, they can be shipped to any clinic. While prices can vary, we expect shipping costs to range between $600 - $1,000. And of course, if you have questions in the meantime, please send them our way. 

As part of the Keep program, you’ll have access to 5- and 10-year storage plans through TMRW, though of course you may take your eggs out of storage within those timeframes. 

We often say that the best time to freeze your eggs is when you are least likely to afford it. On top of cycle fees, many are surprised to learn how expensive egg storage can be. In some cases, storage can run upwards of $1,000 a year. We think you deserve a better option and we’re excited to get that to you through our TMRW partnership. 

If you’re a Keep member, you can leverage this benefit regardless of where your egg freezing cycle takes place. If you’re interested in working with TMRW or want to learn more before you get started on your journey, just send us an email. We can share our preferred rates and make sure you get tapped into that benefit as you’re planning for your egg freezing cycle. 

For Family by Co members:

When you match with a Cofertility donor, you’re enabling her to freeze her eggs and have them stored with TMRW for up to 10 years. But beyond that, you’ll also get access to TMRW’s incredible embryo storage options at their preferred partner discounted rates. 

We understand how much you’ve put into your family building journey and want you to feel confident that your most precious embryos are safely stored and managed. If you’re weighing the benefits of working with TMRW, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have — you can email us at