See if you qualify for free egg freezing.
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At Cofertility, we believe that freezing your eggs should be an empowering experience that more women have access to. With our Keep program, you can more affordably freeze your eggs with partnerships that lighten the financial load and ongoing support from our team.  As a Keep member, you’ll benefit from discounts on things like consultations, treatment and cycle fees, and storage costs. You’ll also access our private Freeze by Co community, where you can connect with our team and with other women going through the egg freezing process at the same time.

Freezing your eggs is a big life decision — much like moving cross country, going back to school, or getting married. The process is often filled with unknowns, difficult to navigate, and financially inaccessible. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, and make it the best experience possible.

Why should I freeze my eggs, anyway? 

Whether you’re thinking about going back to school, wanting to invest in your career, unsure whether you want to have kids yet, or just haven’t found your ‘person,’ there are many different reasons why freezing your eggs might make sense for you. Over 70% of our members cite building their career or going back to school as the most important factors to them right now. Egg freezing is a way to keep your reproductive options open for later by preserving younger, healthier eggs for future use. What’s more, the prime time for freezing your eggs is actually a lot earlier than you think. Freezing your eggs while you’re still in your 20s can boost your chances of successful pregnancy, no matter your age when you decide to start your family. 

Overall, deciding to freeze your eggs can do more than provide family building options later in life. Going through the process of retrieving and freezing your eggs can give you insights into your health and offer you peace of mind about how you’ll accomplish your goals.

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How do I know if I am eligible for the Keep program? 

Unlike our Split program, where you freeze your eggs for free when donating half to a family that can’t otherwise conceive, the Keep program’s eligibility requirements are much less stringent. In fact, the decision to freeze your eggs through Keep will ultimately be between you and your doctor, once you both review your medical history and test results.

For example, while you must be between 21-33 to participate in Split, you can still take part in the Keep program as long as you are under age 40 (these are the clinics’ rules, not ours).

So whether you don’t qualify for egg donation, or simply are not interested in egg donation, the Keep program could be a great option for you. 

What are the benefits of the Keep program? 

By freezing your eggs through Cofertility’s Keep program, you’ll gain access to:

  • Preferred and vetted fertility clinic recommendations in many major markets, with discounted or free consultations 
  • Skip the line — many fertility clinics have months-long waitlists for egg freezers. If you work with one of our partner clinics, we’ll help get you through faster
  • Special discounts on long-term egg freezing storage
  • Dedicated, 1:1 support from our Member Advocates to help you through every step of your egg freezing journey
  • Access to our members-only community of women in all stages of their egg freezing journey and direct, free access to fertility experts 
  • Financial support and resources through our financing partner, Sunfish (waived application and membership fees for all Cofertility members)

What does the Keep process look like? 

Step 1: Fill out the intro quiz 

To kick off the process, take our quiz and tell us a bit about yourself. This only takes about a minute and gives a sense of what programs you might qualify for.

Step 2: Provide your desired location and timeline for the egg freezing process 

After you complete the intro quiz, you’ll receive an email from us with more information on our programs. We’ll ask you to respond back with more details on where (in which city or cities) and when you would like to freeze your eggs. This allows us to make custom recommendations tailored to your needs! 

Step 3: Receive fertility clinic recommendation and pricing 

We aim to share at least one pre-vetted, recommended fertility clinic near you based on patient reviews, outcomes, and success rates. We know this process can be expensive (between $10,000 to $20,000 per cycle), so we do our best to get you the best pricing. With many clinics, we negotiate preferred pricing for our Keep members, including discounted cycle fees and/or initial consultations. 

If we don’t yet have a clinic recommendation near you, we’ll add you to our waitlist for that city and reach out as soon as we do. Keep members are welcome to work with any clinic of their choosing and still be part of the program, but we aim to have at least one recommendation in each major market. 

Step 4: Set up an initial consultation with a fertility clinic 

Once you decide which clinic you would like to work with, we’ll help get you set up for an initial consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist. Most preferred clinics have guaranteed turnaround times for our members - so no more long waitlists! 

Step 5: Get added to the private Freeze by Co members-only community 

Once you book your initial consultation and confirm that you would like to be part of our Keep program, we’ll add you to the members-only, Freeze by Co community. This is where you can connect with others going through egg freezing at the exact same time and receive direct access to egg freezing experts through Q&As and webinars. 

Step 6: Get support with every step of your egg freezing journey 

We will stay coordinated with your fertility clinic and help guide you through every step of the egg freezing process. We’re here for you in a ‘been there, done that’ kind of way, and we will work with our medical advisors to get you answers to any questions you have! 

We also have several informative articles on our website that can serve as a primer for what to expect with the egg freezing process: 

How much does it cost to be a Keep member? 

There is no fee to join the Keep program. The only costs you’ll pay are those directly related to your cycle (e.g., consultation fees, cycle fees, storage fees, and medications). There are a variety of different ways to fund your egg freezing journey, and we are flexible to work with you however it makes sense based on your needs. 

Have coverage through your employer or insurance for egg freezing? You can still use these benefits and join our Keep program! Your general health insurance may cover some of your screening and upfront blood work, so we suggest discussing it with the clinic you move forward with if you go through our Keep program.

Need help financing your cycle? We got you! We've partnered with lenders to offer you fertility financial resources. Sunfish offers the most comprehensive marketplace of financial options for egg freezing up to $100,000 at industry-low rates. Some clinics may also offer financing programs for egg freezing cycles. 

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Where do I sign up? 

There is no cost to join the Keep program. Take our quiz today and get your egg freezing process started!