See if you qualify for free egg freezing.
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Perhaps the idea of egg freezing is something that you’ve thought about before. For many of us, though, cost can be a big barrier. You might be hoping to find an affordable egg freezing program that can allow you to freeze your eggs now and store them without breaking the bank, as you pursue your own agenda.

Is this just a pipe dream? With Freeze by Co, it’s actually…not. Read about how our new option can enable you to give the idea of egg freezing another look, with—wait for it—free egg freezing. And you get to help a family along the way.

An affordable innovation

With some egg freezing programs, fees can run into the thousands initially and grow every year. But at Freeze by Co, it is our goal to make the process as affordable as possible. This led us to develop what we call our Split program.

With the Split program, if you are eligible, the premise is simple: for each cycle you undergo, you keep half of the eggs for yourself at absolutely no charge, plus up to ten years of storage, when you give the other half of the retrieved eggs to another family who can’t otherwise conceive. All of your medical expenses and travel related to egg freezing is covered as well.

What you get as a Split member

In addition to giving a life-changing gift to another family, as a Split member, you are entitled to the following for free with your egg freezing cycle:

  • Testing
  • Medication
  • Egg retrieval
  • Egg freezing and storage
  • Procedure insurance
  • Travel

In addition to lightening your own financial load, the good you’ll be doing will be immeasurable.

Is it a fit?

To participate in Split, you must meet certain industry- and government-based criteria, including: 

  • Being between 21 and 33 years old. Age is a factor that contributes to waning fertility, which, while not true for everyone, tends to decline at age 35. Since the process leading up to egg donation can take time, we cap the program at age 33, as consistent with guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). 
  • Having two ovaries
  • Enjoying good physical and emotional health, without any reproductive issues or genetic abnormalities
  • Having a body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 29 to enable optimal medication administration and egg retrieval outcomes
  • Having avoided smoking and recreational drug use or Depo Provera injection as a mode of birth control

To learn more about all disqualifications for our Split program, click here.

To find out if our Split program is a way that we can help you reach your egg freezing goals, here’s how the process works:

Getting started

First, take our brief quiz to learn more about our Split program and see if you’re a potential fit. It just takes a few minutes. 

Applying for membership

Then, if you’ve pre-qualified, you move on to the application process. This is your chance to tell us more about your background and create a profile for intended parents to see and hopefully connect with. It will also help finalize your acceptance into the program.

The interview process

Next, we chat. You get to ask us any questions about the process and get to know us, as we get to know you as well. We’ll walk you through all program logistics and frequently asked questions so you feel completely comfortable with it all. 

Find a match

Once you’ve been fully accepted into the program, the matching process begins. When your profile has been selected by intended parents, you’ll have the opportunity to accept the match. If you agree it’s a good fit, then the screening and freezing process can begin.


During the screening phase, we’ll get a sense of your ovarian reserve and overall physical health to get a sense of whether you’ll have enough eggs available to fairly split for yourself and the intended parents. If your ovarian reserve appears strong enough that splitting the retrieved egg yield has the chance to result in a live birth for both parties involved, and you continue to qualify based on the other physical and psychological screening factors, you’ll be given the final green light.  

The cycle

Now it’s all about your cycle. This means you’ll start taking injectable medications needed to enable your ovaries to produce multiple eggs. We have loads of materials that can help you successfully manage this.

After close monitoring, when the time is right, you’ll be scheduled for the egg retrieval. During this 30-minute process, the doctor will remove the eggs with the aid of vaginal ultrasound while you’re under light anesthesia.

Free storage

Then, right away, your half of the eggs will be frozen. As a Split member, this whole process will be entirely free, including up to ten years of storage. In the case of an odd number of eggs, the extra one will be slated for use by the intended parents. However, any non-mature eggs retrieved will be frozen for you, since we don’t know what kind of medical advancements might take place over the next ten years. 

As a Split member, if you feel that it would be beneficial for you down the line, you can always consider doing another cycle. This will allow you to add to what you already have in storage and reap the benefits of additional free egg freezing, making the most of the program.

Adding it up

Our Split program puts egg freezing in reach for all members. It removes what’s often the biggest obstacle to taking charge of your fertility timeline — cost — while allowing an opportunity to help another family. 

Once you’ve completed the Split program, you can walk away knowing that not only have you figured out a way to make your goal of storing eggs a reality without the need for scrimping in other areas, but you’ve also succeeded in giving another family a golden opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise.