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The gift registry has been a cultural institution for pivotal life moments — from the gilded spoons and Ninja blenders of wedding registries to the cute little onesies of baby shower lists. These wish lists give friends and family an easy way to provide support that you actually want. 

But what if we took this concept and applied it to another life milestone that is also super exciting? This brings us to the idea of an egg freezing registry. Yes, you heard that right. An egg freezing registry.

On Sex and the City, after celebrating countless weddings and babies, Carrie Bradshaw famously took matters into her own hands and created her own registry in honor of her marriage to herself. Her registry had just one item — a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Our take? If Carrie can celebrate herself, you can, too. Especially when you’re doing something so incredible for your future as freezing your eggs. 

Why you deserve an egg freezing registry

You may be wondering, particularly in a society that still wrestles with norms surrounding reproductive choices, as to whether you “deserve” to have a registry for something as personal and medical as egg freezing. The answer is a resounding YES, and here’s why.

Normalizing reproductive autonomy

Creating a registry for egg freezing can help normalize the conversation around reproductive autonomy and shatter persisting taboos. Women have long been subject to societal pressures about when and how they should have children. The ability to crowdfund one’s egg freezing process (or at least get some goodies covered) is a bold statement of agency, positioning the egg freezer not as a subject of societal expectations but as an architect of her own life.

Creating a registry for egg freezing can help normalize the conversation around reproductive autonomy and shatter persisting taboos.

Solidifying social support

The explicit act of creating a registry — and having loved ones contribute to it — serves as a profound endorsement of your choices. The communal act of contributing to a registry can offer emotional sustenance and make sure you know that your community is invested in your well-being, present and future.

Lessening the financial load

Financial obstacles should not dictate reproductive choices. Just as registries for weddings or baby showers are widely accepted tools for “getting someone started” with the essentials, an egg freezing registry is a legitimate way to help offset some of the costs.

A reimagined social contract

Finally, having an egg freezing registry reinforces a modernized social contract. At its core, a registry is an agreement among a community that signifies its collective investment in a significant life event. Weddings are not just about the couple, and baby showers are not just about the parents; they are about a larger circle of family and friends who will interact with that couple or child and want to support and celebrate them. Similarly, an egg freezing registry proclaims that a woman's reproductive choices are worth communal support, thus redefining the very ethos of what our social contracts can include.

So, do you deserve to have an egg freezing registry? Absolutely. In doing so, you're not only giving yourself the gift of choice but also expanding the societal dialogue around what choice can and should look like.

What should I add to my egg freezing registry?

One of the most exciting possibilities of an egg freezing registry is the potential to ask for specific add-ons that could aid in your egg freezing journey. Here are some ideas:

  • Nutritional supplements: Omega-3s, prenatal vitamins, and other supplements to prepare your body for your cycle.
  • Heating pad: Useful for post-procedure comfort and relief from cramps.
  • Fuzzy socks: These make the often-cold clinic rooms and stirrup-bound procedures markedly more comfortable.
  • Chocolates/other treats: Emotional well-being is part and parcel of the egg freezing journey; indulgent treats can serve as small but potent morale boosters.
  • Wellness packages: Sessions for acupuncture or fertility yoga, aimed at enhancing both emotional and physical well-being.
  • Books and journals: Literature on reproductive health, fertility journeys, or self-reflective journals.
  • Travel vouchers: For those who choose clinics far from home, these can cover transportation or even lodging costs.
  • Food delivery/meal prep: Gift cards to services like Doordash, Uber Eats, HelloFresh, Goldbelly, can help keep you well fed during the egg freezing period. 
  • Bath bombs: For pre- or post-procedure relaxation, because a soothing bath can be a sanctuary in stressful times.
  • Other relaxation aids: Consider adding aromatherapy oils, scented candles, or a premium-quality eye mask for deep relaxation.

You’ll want to diversify the options on your registry to make it easier for contributors to select gifts that align with their budget and your needs. These practical and comfort-focused gifts not only provide material relief but also serve as tokens of emotional support from your community.

Tips for hosting and sharing your egg freezing registry

So where could you host such a registry? Existing platforms could easily be adapted for this purpose. A few possibilities include:

  • Amazon: Given its almost universal reach and diverse product range.
  • Target: A favorite for baby shower registries, the leap to egg freezing isn't a big one.
  • GoFundMe: Already a popular choice for medical crowdfunding, this platform could provide a natural fit if you just need cash.
  • Meal Train: Makes it easy for friends and family to help feed you!

Spreading the word about your egg freezing registry

Creating the registry is the first half of the equation; sharing it with your network is the other, equally nuanced, half. The act of disseminating your egg freezing registry becomes not just an invitation for contributions but also an opening for dialogue, education, and emotional connection. 

Much like sharing any significant life news, timing is pivotal. You may want to inform the closest people in your life individually before broadcasting it more broadly. 

When you share your registry, include a personalized message explaining why you've chosen to freeze your eggs and how their support can be instrumental. This humanizes what might otherwise seem like a straightforward transaction, adding layers of meaning and context.

We recommend emphasizing that you appreciate any support or celebration and that there is zero pressure to contribute. There are multiple ways to show support, be it emotional or material. This may be especially helpful to include, as some recipients may be financially constrained or morally conflicted.

As your journey progresses, keeping your contributors updated adds an extra layer of engagement and acknowledgment. It’s an opportunity to show the impact of their support, which goes beyond monetary contributions and enters the realm of emotional sustenance.

Creating an egg freezing registry is more than a logistical step; it’s an emotional and sociocultural undertaking that can serve various roles: a litmus test for societal progress, a platform for dialogue, and an arena for collective emotional investment. Navigate it with the same sensitivity and thoughtfulness you applied when deciding to freeze your eggs in the first place, and you can open up spaces not just for communal contributions but for meaningful human connections as well.

Freeze your eggs with Cofertility

We’d love the opportunity to support you on your egg freezing journey.

Through our Split program, qualified freezers can freeze their eggs for free when donating half of the eggs retrieved to a family who can’t otherwise conceive.

Through our Keep program — where you keep 100% of eggs retrieved for your own future use — we offer exclusive discounts on expenses, such as frozen egg storage. Keep members also still gain free access to our Freeze by Co Community, a safe space for those engaging in the egg freezing process (or gearing up for it) to connect and lean on each other.

By making egg freezing easier and more accessible, our programs further strengthen the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)’s Committee opinion that egg freezing can help promote social justice and strengthen gender equality.