At Cofertility, we believe in the equal right to parent and proudly serve individuals and couples of all backgrounds, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or relationship status.

We are particularly committed to supporting LGBTQ+ people’s path to parenthood and are excited to announce our recent partnership as a Gays with Kids (GWK) official Family Building Partner. 

Why Gays with Kids

Founded in 2014, GWK is the world’s largest and only resource, website, and social network dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of gay, bi, and trans dads and dads-to-be. GWK’s mission is to inspire, inform and guide gay, bi, and trans men throughout their journey of family building. They support hopeful and current dads to live their best authentic lives while navigating fatherhood. 

Through the Gays with Kids Academy, webinars, and other in-person events, GWK educates gay and queer men about their options for becoming dads, and then guides them along each step of their journey. 

We understand that while the path to parenthood isn’t necessarily the same for everyone, the desire to have a family can be. Egg donation is an essential part of LGBTQ+ family planning and our Family by Co platform makes egg donation more accessible, human and community driven.

With this partnership, Cofertility joins an exclusive network of vetted family-building partners representing the best-of-the-best in surrogacy and IVF service providers. 

What’s next?

Given our own commitment to education, we’re excited to be featured in the Gays with Kids Academy “Surrogacy and IVF Course.” We’re also co-hosting a webinar focused on the benefits of disclosure, a topic that we know is top of mind for many hopeful dads. We’re happy to send the recording and if you’re a hopeful dad interested in learning more about GWK, we’re happy to make the connection. 

Cofertility is a human-first fertility ecosystem rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience. Our Family by Co platform serves as a more transparent, ethical egg donor matching platform. We are obsessed with improving the family-building journey — today or in the future — and are in an endless pursuit to make these experiences more positive. 

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