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If you’re here, you might already know a bit about egg freezing — what it is, and why it might be a good idea for you if you want to delay starting a family. But, if you’re like us, your head might have exploded once you saw the price tag (more on that below), and you may be wondering if there are any egg freezing discounts out there. Here’s everything you need to know.  

There are various options available to make egg freezing more affordable. In this article, we will explore the cost of egg freezing, affordable options, discounts, and financing choices to help you navigate the journey of preserving your fertility without breaking the bank.

First off, how much does it cost to freeze your eggs?

This is always a difficult question to answer, because it depends! It depends on the clinic you’re going to, where you are located, the medications you are prescribed (it differs based on your age and body), and where/how long you store the eggs. But, no matter how you slice it, it’s usually expensive. Average egg freezing cycle costs range from $10,000 - $20,000 for consultations, testing, ultrasounds, medications, and the egg retrieval, plus the ongoing cost of annual storage. In fact, in a survey of 750 women about egg freezing, 67% of them said cost was their main barrier.

Where is the cheapest place to freeze your eggs?

The cost of egg freezing can vary based on geographical location with some regions or clinics offering more affordable options compared to others. Researching clinics in different locations and comparing their prices and packages can help you identify potential cost savings, particularly in certain international areas. However, keep in mind that the quality of clinics and their laboratories also varies greatly. This is important, because (a) you want a successful cycle with numerous healthy eggs, and (b) if you may use these eggs down the line, you’ll want to ensure they are frozen and stored properly.

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How do I find discounts on egg freezing?

Finding discounts on egg freezing can significantly reduce the financial burden. Many fertility clinics and agencies offer various discount programs and promotional offers, but you have to know where to find them. If you freeze your eggs through Cofertility, we provide exclusive access to partnerships and discounts to help lighten the financial load — even the opportunity to freeze your eggs for *free*.

Freeze your eggs for free when donating half of the eggs retrieved

One innovative approach to reducing the cost of egg freezing is through egg sharing or egg donor programs. In these programs, individuals can choose to donate half of their retrieved eggs to other intended parents in need — think: LGBTQ+ parents, those with infertility, and cancer survivors — in exchange for keeping the other half entirely for free. This option not only helps individuals afford egg freezing, but also allows them to contribute to another family’s dreams of building a family.

At Cofertility, our Split program offers just that. By donating half of the retrieved eggs, qualified donors can freeze their remaining eggs for free. This means that those who are interested in preserving their fertility for the future can do so without incurring the high costs associated with egg freezing. Additionally, by donating half of their eggs, donors can make a real difference in the lives of families that could not otherwise conceive. At Cofertility, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a family, and the Split program is one way we are working to make that a reality.

Egg freezing financing options and payment plans

There are a growing number of financing options, such as loans or payment plans, to help patients pay for egg freezing. These options allow you to spread the cost of the procedure over several months, making it more manageable. 


Sunfish makes egg freezing (and fertility treatment in general) attainable for all types of families. If you're interested in egg freezing, Sunfish can help you explore a range of financial resources and planning tools, including low-interest loans or lines of credit of up to $100,000, with terms ranging from two to 15 years.


Ally offers fertility financing solutions to cover the cost of egg freezing at select partner clinics. Fill out a form to see your lending options and choose from 24-84-month loan options with annual percentage rates (APRs) starting at 3.99%.


FutureFamily offers egg freezing loans, and they handle paying all your bills so you have just one easy payment. Starts at $150/month* for 60 months based on your clinic, credit score, and approved egg freezing related expenses. While you can apply individually, the rates are better (0% APR) if you are freezing with one of their partner clinics.

Lending Club 

Lending Club offers egg freezing loans that cover genetic testing, medications, and the medical procedure at select partner clinics. They forward payment directly to the providers within three business days. Monthly payments are as low as $263/month to finance $15,000 with a 7.99% APR for 72 months.

Affordable egg freezing options

Apart from discounts and egg sharing programs, some clinics and agencies specialize in providing affordable egg freezing options. These programs may offer reduced pricing, flexible payment plans, or package deals that bundle multiple cycles at a more accessible rate. Exploring these affordable options can make egg freezing a more feasible choice for individuals seeking to preserve their fertility.

Discounts on egg freezing medication

In addition to the procedure cost, fertility medications used during egg freezing can cost thousands of dollars. To alleviate this financial burden, some pharmacies, clinics, or fertility networks offer discounts or programs that provide reduced-cost or more affordable medications. By exploring these options, you can potentially save a significant amount on the medication expenses associated with egg freezing.

Discounts on frozen egg storage

After undergoing the egg freezing process, you’ll need to then have your frozen eggs stored in a long-term gamete storage facility. 

Our preferred storage facility, TMRW Life Sciences, brings transparency, safety, and accountability to frozen egg storage. We’re excited to partnerwith them, and are proud to offer all Cofertility egg freezing members exclusive storage rates that save them thousands Plus, TMRW uses digital labeling and RFID tracking technology to ensure your frozen eggs are securely monitored. And you’ll also have constant access to data about your frozen eggs. 

Freeze your eggs with Cofertility

Cofertility is a human-first, tech-enabled fertility ecosystem that provides people agency over if, how, and when they have babies — today or someday. We have two programs for egg freezers:

The Split program, which offers women a chance to both freeze their own eggs and donate half the eggs to a family who cannot conceive otherwise. If you qualify for the program and decide to donate half of your retrieved eggs, every expense associated with the egg freezing procedure —  medications, supplements, travel if necessary, insurance, and 10 years of storage — are completely free of charge. We don’t even need a payment or credit card up front, as the family you match with covers all the expenses. 

In our Keep program, you can freeze and store your eggs for your own future use, with lower prices on things like storage and medication – as well as our team’s support and access to our community.

The benefits for of working with Cofertility include:

  • Power of choice: Freeze your eggs more affordably or, if you qualify, freeze for free when you give half to a family who can’t otherwise conceive. 
  • Community: Our inclusive online spaces allow you to connect with others going through the process in our private online community.
  • Compassion: We’ll always treat you with care, and our Split program gives you the opportunity to make someone’s family building dreams a reality. 
  • Data-driven: We provide you with trustworthy guidance and evidence-based research so you can make informed decisions about your fertility. 
  • Free egg freezing: Freeze and store your eggs for 10 years, entirely for free if you qualify for our Split program.

Ready to learn about more affordable (even free!) egg freezing with Cofertility? Fill out this quick quiz to learn about our accessible egg freezing options and see if you qualify for our programs — it only takes one minute.

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