See if you qualify for free egg freezing.
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Freeze by Co’s Split program allows you to freeze your eggs for free when you donate half of your eggs retrieved to a family that otherwise can’t conceive. It’s a true win-win. But in order to start your freezing process, you first have to match with a family. The sooner you complete your application (and the more robust it is!), the sooner you’ll match and the sooner your own journey can begin. To jump start your process, we wanted to share a few tips on how to fill out your Split application and let your personality shine.

Tip #1: Be yourself! 

We’re frequently asked what kinds of Split members our intended parents (IPs), or Family by Co members, are looking for. The truth is that our IPs are as diverse as our Split members. Each is coming to us looking for a unique match. 

While some IPs are hoping to match with a Split member of a particular ethnicity, others are most interested in matching with someone with shared interests. Ultimately, IPs want to match with someone who they feel connected to as a person. That’s why our application tries to get at the heart of who you are from a variety of dimensions. 

Tip #2: Share your motivation for joining Split

While your interest in egg freezing and egg donation may seem obvious to you, we want to be able to showcase that to our intended parents. They’re drawn to our unique model and love that all of our Split members are incredible, ambitious women who are motivated to preserve a portion of their reproductive future. And IPs are excited about empowering the next generation to own their family-building timelines. 

As such, we encourage you to elaborate as much as possible on why you’re interested in the program. This includes why you want to freeze your eggs (Are you in grad school? Are you gunning for a promotion? Are you just not sure that you want to have kids?) and why you’re interested in donating. No detail is too small. Trust us when we say that it all comes together to paint a picture of why you make an incredible donor. 

Tip #3: Play up your achievements

We get that it can feel uncomfortable to brag about yourself. But your Split application is one instance in which we want you to lay it all out. We — and our IPs  — are continually in awe of how impressive our Split members are. From active community service volunteers to professional award winners, we want you to underscore your achievements. While you might be wondering why winning an award for your undergraduate thesis is relevant to an IP, remember that there may be a family on the other side of our matching platform searching for a Split member with a knack for writing. 

Tip #4: Share photos (or videos!)

The photos you share also help IPs gain a better understanding of you throughout your lifetime. While you’ll want to submit some photos with a clear, head-on view, don’t be afraid to include pictures that showcase your hobbies or passions. Avid hiker? Let’s see you on your favorite trail! Proud dog mom? We want to see your little furball. If you’re waiting on your family to send you childhood photos, note that you can always submit your application without those and add them at a later date. In general, we recommend including at least one baby photo, one childhood photo, one pre-teen photo, and 5 recent photos.

You also have the option of filming a video that will be visible to intended parents. This can showcase your personality, your interest in the program, and your hopes and wishes for the family who you ultimately match with. If you’re interested in submitting a video, let us know.  

If you go this route, consider the following dos and don’ts:


  • Explain why you’re interested in the Split program - why are you excited about freezing and donating eggs?
  • Share a message with intended parents - what do you want them to know? 
  • Shoot the video horizontally
  • Keep your video less than 4 minutes and in mp4 format
  • Ensure your video is clear with good lighting. Natural light is best so if you can shoot near a window or in the shade outside, that’s ideal! 
  • If you have a phone tripod, consider using it for stability. Otherwise, propping your phone up on something else is okay! 


  • Use your last name or other identifying information 
  • Avoid filming in any loud or public places

Questions? Reach out

As you’re working through your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions. Our number one priority is ensuring you feel comfortable with the process. That, and helping you shine!