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Woman, Amanda Goetz, stands in front of a desk and looks into the camera. Her hands are on her hips and she is wearing a white dress.

Amanda Goetz, marketing genius and the founder of House of Wise (which was successfully sold) has an inspiring career background that includes five years at The Knot Worldwide as Vice President of Marketing. But aside from her professional accomplishments, Amanda's personal life and decisions make her story even more compelling. Recently, she shared her journey of freezing her eggs with us, a decision made during a tumultuous period in her life.

Egg freezing amidst chaos

Amanda's decision to freeze her eggs came at a crucial time when her life was already filled with change and uncertainty. Following a divorce at the age of 32, with three children under age four, Amanda recognized that her present self was not equipped to make permanent decisions about her future family planning.

"We retrieved 19 eggs at age 32," Amanda recalled. Though she already had three children, Amanda chose to freeze eggs, not embryos, as she was still casually dating and wasn't in the right headspace post-divorce to make this decision with a partner.

Facing challenges head-on, like everything else in her life 

Amanda's egg freezing journey was not without its hurdles. Her process coincided with the global COVID lockdown, and she was inundated with hormones just as the world seemed to be ending. The societal challenges were significant, too, with questions about why she was freezing her eggs when she already had three children. Amanda's honest response reflected her wisdom: "I just knew that current Amanda wasn't in a place to make decisions for future Amanda, and I wanted to retrieve eggs as young as possible."

The downsides? Amanda faced discomfort, weight gain, and a disruption in her workout routine, leaving her feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Navigating relationships during this period proved challenging as well, with a significant other becoming too freaked out to be around, leaving her feeling alone. 

Thankfully, support came in unexpected ways, including a newfound friend on Twitter who was undergoing the same process. She also credits her therapist who helped her through the process, and a best friend who was there to pick her up after the retrieval. “A support system is key”. 

Reflection and advice

Looking back on her experience, Amanda is confident she made the right decision. She emphasizes that egg freezing is not a foolproof insurance policy, and she wishes she had known more about the survival rates and the likelihood of pregnancy using the frozen eggs.

Her advice to others considering this path is insightful and practical. "It is not a full-proof insurance policy. I think I would have approached it differently if I didn't have children. I would have done multiple rounds and froze several embryos with a donor for extra safety."

Amanda's story is still unfolding, with her frozen eggs still being kept and a decision planned within the next five years. 

Amanda’s experience with egg freezing is something we often see, one filled with emotions, insights, and hard-won wisdom. Her journey contributes to the vital conversation about family building and choice, helping to remove stigma and encourage a more nuanced understanding of this complex decision-making process. 

Her voice stands as a testament to the strength, adaptability, and wisdom that many women must summon as they navigate their unique paths to family planning, even if it happens in different life eras. Her message is clear: planning for the future requires understanding, compassion, and the courage to embrace uncertainty.

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