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Sometimes, it can feel like all we celebrate are weddings and baby showers. While these events are certainly important milestones, we feel that there are so many other things that deserve recognition and celebration. 

Here are just 10 things that young women should celebrate:

Educational achievements

Whether it's graduating from college or defending your thesis, educational achievements are something that should be celebrated. Completing a degree or certification takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it's a significant accomplishment!

Career advancements

Landing a new job, getting a promotion, or starting a business are all significant career achievements to be proud of. Especially if you’re part of an underrepresented group in your industry, achieving success in a career can be a challenge, and it deserves recognition.

Health achievements

Sometimes, staying healthy is easier said than done. We should be proud of our health achievements and celebrate taking care of ourselves.

We’re all about being proactive with your health, especially when it comes to your fertility. That’s why, with our programs, you can freeze your eggs more affordably — even potentially free if you donate half of the eggs retrieved to another family who can’t conceive. Take our quiz here to see if you qualify!

Personal milestones

From buying a home to traveling to a new country, we’re here for celebrating more personal milestones! These achievements often require a significant investment of time and money, and they can be life-changing experiences.

Taking a leap

We think making the jump to pursue a passion project is super admirable. Whether it’s writing a cookbook, starting to sell your oh-so-amazing cookies, or teaching a course, taking a leap can be scary and it helps to have others cheer you on.

Relationship milestones

Weddings and baby showers aren't the only relationship milestones worth celebrating. Whether it's getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or finding a new love — or the opposite: getting out of a toxic relationship! — these milestones are important and should be celebrated.

Financial milestones

Saving money (or making more) is a big accomplishment worth celebrating. Even more so when you’re — finally! — putting that money to good use, whether that’s buying a house, making your first investment, or paying off student loans.

Community involvement

Whether it's volunteering at a local charity or organizing a community event, we’re all about celebrating those who make a difference in their community. 

Fitness achievements 

Whether it's running a marathon or completing another fitness challenge, achievements in this category are always super impressive. We’re all about rallying around our friends to celebrate crossing that finish line, literally or figuratively speaking.

Personal growth

Finally, personal growth is something that should always be celebrated. When you do something that takes a lot of courage and hard work, you deserve a pat on the back (or, better yet, a fun night out, a dinner, a “me day,” whatever!). 

In general, we do so many awesome things worth acknowledging beyond just weddings and baby showers. So let's celebrate these achievements!

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